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The winter months are likely to make us experience a dose of flu, a 24-hour long bug and a series of colds irrespective of your training schedule, fitness and age. Maintaining your immune system in a healthy way is one of the best ways of countering such risks.

Find out if your immune system is really healthy

  • How many colds do you catch up every year?
  • Do these infections pose a serious challenge?
  • Are you suffering from fatigue and joint pains?
  • Do you have tender glands around your groin, armpits and neck?
  • Is your performance falling during competition and training?
  • Are you experiencing any inflammatory disease like arthritis, asthma or eczema?
  • Do you rely on antibiotics for once every year?
  • Do you suffer from respiratory problems?
  • Are you getting proper sleep each night?
  • Have you experienced allergies towards certain food items?

Your immune system needs a boost up when your answer in affirmative towards five or more of these queries. Over workouts, stress, environmental pollution, nutritional deficiency and poor diet are amongst factors that affect your immune system. You may resort to one or more of natural remedies once you start experiencing any of the conditions mentioned above.

The iron needs to be pumped up

Iron is a must for your immune system; intense workouts may curb your iron content effectively. Leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, fish, poultry and lean meat are a few good sources of foods. You mustn't consider using too many supplements at a time; much of the productivity is curbed by excessive supplements. In case you have any doubt, you may get in touch with your health practitioner. 

Acquire fat that’s absolutely necessary

The festive seasons shouldn't be filled with saturated creams and fatty sauces. EFAs or essential fats should necessarily be focused on. Maintaining and improving the health of immune cell would help enhance your immune system through different types of nuts, seeds and fat content of oily fishes like sardines, herrings, mackerel and salmon. You may consider weighing on EFA supplements, when you’re experiencing dry hair and skin or suffering from repetitive colds and flu. You may find a natural painkiller in a specific fish oil supplement if you’re experiencing joint aches.

De-stress yourself

Regardless of whether you’re being trained or not, you might experience considerable stress throughout the festive season. Your immune system stands a chance of catching up with more infections when the immune cell function is influenced by cortisol and adrenaline pumped within your body. Using astragalus needs to be considered, and you must have opportunity to chill out; astragalus is an herb used to develop tonics that enhances your immune resistance towards harmful diseases besides enhancing your energy levels.

Show your inclination towards plant sterols

Yoghurt and margarine are two of the functional food items that possess phytosterols or plant sterols. These sterols are also included in vegetables, fruits, oils, seeds and nuts. Once your immune system is strengthened, it will be able to improve both your prostate and joint health by fighting against flu and cold. A wide selection of supplements contains both beta sitosterolin and beta sitosterol, which are considered to be the key sterols.

Sleep well at night

Apart from all of the factors mentioned above, you must get a good sleep (worth 8 hours) at night. Your immune system turns more efficient when you sleep for the desired number of hours; it also yields consistent growth hormone besides repairing your muscles.


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