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Children need to go through a phase of transition wherein they can be directed towards new textures and tastes. The stomachs of infants are quite small as compared to ours.

Children need to go through a phase of transition wherein they can be directed towards new textures and tastes. The stomachs of infants are quite small as compared to ours. Instead of feeding three large courses of meals, it might seem apt to try out 5 or 6 meals in a day. Infants need to consume calories worth 1,000 to 1,400 on a regular basis, but this again depends on their level of activities, size and age. 

It’s perfectly natural for a child to consume a certain level of food on a particular day and deny the same amount of food on the following day. This difference in your child’s diet may be a cause of concern for you; you don’t need to worry so long as your child is consuming a wholesome diet and remaining satisfied.

Nutritional Needs of Children

Calcium constitutes a key segment of a child’s diet; make sure your child consumes around 500 mg of calcium per day. Milk is one of the key sources of calcium for your child. Whole milk is what they ought to rely on till they reach the age of two; in the event your pediatrician approves of skim milk, you may allow your child to consume skim milk worth 2 percent. Food items that are rich in calcium should be incorporated in your child’s diet in case he hates dairy or lactose; orange juice, cereals and soy products contain calcium in desired proportions. Quality iron sources need to be explored by your child since the time they switch to real foods; eggs or soft balls of red meat in small quantities would form good iron sources along with a few good cereals.

Nutrition guidelines for school-age kids

As children grow up, it is natural for them to have similar healthy foods that are consumed by their elders. Food items that contain additional minerals and vitamins let their bodies grow; such foods constitute healthy proteins like seeds, nuts, lean meat, poultry, eggs and fish, calcium through yogurt, milk (or substitutes if your child rejects lactose) for development of bones and fresh vegetables and fruits along with quinoa, millet, rice, barley, oats, wheat and other forms of whole grains. 

Eating disorders in children

Binge eating disorder, bulimia and anorexia pose serious risks amongst teenagers and adolescents. A course correction is likely to be challenging in case your child lacks an ideal choice even after your eating habits are set well. A poor diet often leads through health consequences that aren't desired and reflected in your child’s enjoyment, energy, ability to perform athletics and appearance. In comparison with long-term health, these are more important things for your teen.


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