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In reality, tomatoes are a citrus fruit although many of you may consider it as a form of vegetable. Food items composed of tomatoes are quite versatile in taste and looks.

While cooked, items possessing tomatoes acquire some sweetness; this even continues when you consume tomatoes in sandwiches and salads, or eat them raw. Tomatoes are considered to be a nice canned option due to their high content of acid. Although tomatoes were once avoided due to their toxic properties, they have now come up to hold a key position in your American diet. In the US, tomatoes were considered as a staple food beyond the mid 1800’s.

Sodium worth 6 mg, protein worth 1 gm, dietary fiber worth 1 gm, carbohydrates worth 5 gm, fat worth 0 gm and 22 calories are present in a single medium-sized tomato. About 1% of calcium, 2 percent of iron, 20% of vitamin A and 40% of vitamin C that you require on a regular basis is contributed by tomatoes. Tomatoes yield a few specific health benefits; let’s study a few of them in details:

  • 1.       Lower the Risk of Cancer

    Risks borne by prostrate, stomach and lung cancers are curbed effectively as you start consuming tomatoes in large quantities; this has often been proven by modern researchers. This effect of protecting cancer is caused by Lycopene, a substance that generates the red color in tomatoes. In comparison to the raw tomatoes, the processed ones possess lycopene in higher amounts. Lycopene is released in higher amounts when the cell walls are broken down during the cooking process. Our body tends to absorb more of it when we consume tomatoes with olive oil or other forms of edible fat.

  • 2.      Restrict DNA Damage

    Vitamin A, vitamin C and a few key antioxidants possess tomatoes in higher proportions than the other vitamins. Free radicals that cause DNA damage are mostly restricted by such vitamins. Diabetes, atherosclerosis and other age-related diseases may be kept at bay by increasing consumption of tomatoes.

  • 3.      Ward off Heart Disease

    The risks concerning heart diseases are associated with vitamin B6, folate, niacin and other key forms of nutrients present in tomatoes. In comparison to women that consumed tomato products worth a serving and a half every week,  cardiovascular disease risks  borne by women that consume tomato products worth 7-10 servings a week are lessened by about 29%. With women that consumed tomato products rich in oil, the outcomes seemed even more effective.

  • 4.       Protect Against Thrombosis

    While studying a number of subjects, it was revealed that platelet aggregation was effectively reduced as they consumed tomato juice worth 8 ounces o a regular basis. No benefits were associated with those individuals that drank a placebo. In the event, you’re trying hard to keep blood clots within blood vessels at bay (as in Thrombosis), it’s essential for you to consume tomato juice possessing a lower sodium content.  For such diseases, negative effects may be caused by high levels of sodium.

  • 5.      Ward off Inflammation

    TNF-alpha content in your blood levels drops by about 34 percent once you start drinking tomato juice worth a single glass each day. Inflammation is caused by TNF-alpha. Individuals that are suffering from Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and various other forms of degenerative chronic diseases may experience inflammation worth higher degrees.


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