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Natural medicine finds a good staple in our home remedies. These remedies yield quick and inexpensive solutions, work as effectively as your drugstore solutions, and may be easily placed within your laundry room, refrigerator and spice cabinet. The latest discoveries have often been discussed by experts across online platforms. Such discussions have thrown light upon sufferings like Charley horses, indigestion and stiff backs. Your home is likely to possess a few of the following natural remedies that act wonderfully and have been tested by patients.

Eyes that seem tired and dry

Immerse a chamomile tea bag within warm water worth 4-6 ounces, keep it in the refirdgerator for about 15 minutes and press it on the eyes for another 15 minutes till the time it retains room temperature. Chamomile is known to reduce inflammation caused to your eyes.

Bad breath

Fill about half a cup with apple juice or water, and dissolve pure aloe vera worth 1/4 cup. B-sitosterol is a compound present in aloe vera, which posses anti-inflammatory properties. It helps curb indigestion caused by acid, that develops bad breath. You may end up using aloe vera as a laxative if you consume it in large doses.

Nasal congestion

You may use Neti Pot and contact-lens saline solution for nose irrigation. Alternatively, you may try to shed small drops of eucalyptus oil on the floor of a shower that runs hot or inhale accumulated steam. You may choose to keep children out of such places.


Acupressure can be practiced all by yourself. The large muscle called Trapezius extends from your neck to the highest point of both shoulders; feel the treatment all along this muscle. The point where both sides of your neck are attached with Trapezius needs to be squeezed with the help of your middle fingers, index and thumbs. Headaches are the outcomes of neck tensions caused by tiny muscle spasms. Ask a relative or friend to hold it for a minute. On the other hand, you may consider using peppermint oil worth a couple of drops to be massaged on your lower neck and trigger points. Muscles are relaxed with the help of peppermint oil.

Sore throat

Add cinnamon (worth a teaspoon) with powdered ginger (worth 1/4 teaspoon) and a clove bud. Cinnamon and ginger bear certain anti-inflammatory properties, while clove fights infection and remains antiseptic. Blend this tea with boiling water (2 cups); raw honey (worth 2 teaspoons) need to be mixed with it to make it feel soothing. Till your throat feels comfortable, you may continue sipping it.


A combination of witch hazel and tea tree oil can be applied to treat them. Properties of both these agents are anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic. Formation of pimple at a particular area demands application of tonic over it twice each day for up to three days. You mustn't rub alcohol; bacteria don't reduce when alcohol is applied. Alcohol only causes skin irritation and dries out fast.


Your lower intestine may suffer from sudden contractions caused by Diarrhea. Drinking Chalomile tea is very effective for Diarrhea.

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