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Apart from ensuring a good feeling, sex boosts up your health. It can certainly be good for your family. A healthy sex life can do a number of things for you. Let’s throw some light upon the benefits of sex, and how they can improve the quality of your life.

Immune system gets humming 

You’re less likely to fall sick when you’re active sexually; all sexual health experts share the same opinion. The resistance of your body against intruders like viruses and germs is increased when you have sex more frequently. In comparison with college students that had less sex, the presence of a certain antibody in students that had frequent sexual encounters is more as per the research analysts present in different global universities. 

Libido is boosted

It’s natural for you to enjoy a sex life that’s livelier. Apart from improving your libido, the quality of your sexual encounters will be improved. Women crave more for sex when their sex life is improved due to elasticity, blood flow and vaginal lubrication.

Blood pressure is lowered

Lower blood pressure and sex are known to have a link as per the modern researchers. Systolic blood pressure is known to be effectively curbed following sexual intercourse; this has been proven by a landmark study. Masturbation is in no way associated with such a solution. 

Counts as workout

Sex establishes a nice form of workout. It certainly adds more flexibility, although it can’t replace your treadmill. Around five calories are consumed every minute while making love; you’re certainly losing four calories more than when you’re watching TV. Alongside using multiple muscles, it increases your heart rate. Get engrossed! You may try and set yourself free from a busy schedule in order to join your partner. You’ll reap the benefits as you get more consistent in a close similarity with exercises.

Curbs risk of heart attack

Your heart is protected by a good sex life. Your testosterone and estrogen levels are perfectly balanced by sex apart from being a nice option for lifting your heart rate. Various heart diseases and associated health problems (e.g. osteoporosis) are likely to affect you when either of these turns low. It might help when you have sex frequently. In comparison to men that have sex more frequently, those that have it rarely are twice as likely to die. 

Lessens pain

Experiencing an orgasm might just help before you look for an aspirin. A number of pains may be blocked by orgasm. The threshold of your pain is raised by a hormone released during sexual intercourse. The trick is often done by stimulation without orgasm. Chronic pain in your legs or back can be blocked with the help of vaginal stimulation. Under certain circumstances, headaches, arthritic pains, and menstrual cramps are curbed with the help of genital self-stimulation.

Improves sleep

You feel sleepy after a sexual intercourse, and there’s a reason behind it. Prolactin is a hormone that is released after an orgasm; sleepiness and relaxation are the natural outcomes of this hormone. 

Lessens stress

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, much of your natural anxiety and stress are soothed as you get closer to your partner. The “feel good hormone” is released naturally during hugging and touching. The reward system and pleasure are influenced by a chemical in your brain that’s released during sexual arousal. Your happiness and self-esteem are boosted by intimacy and sex. It turns your life a happier one besides prescribing a healthier one.


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