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Kidneys are designed in a certain way that their capacity to filter blood decreases once you reach 40 years of age. Upon reaching 30 years of age, your kidneys are likely to lose 10 percent of their functionality with every passing decade.

Kidney diseases are likely to occur during the later part of your life if you continue having junk or fast food through your younger years.

Let's consider a few of the tips that will protect us from developing kidney diseases:

  • Manage cardiac diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes:

    High blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes are a few primary reasons that give rise to a secondary illness like kidney disease. You may keep your kidney problems at bay by following a few medical guidelines, workout regimen and healthy diet; your blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels are bound to get controlled in this way.

  • Drink lots of water every day:

    Drink lots of water regularly: Apart from removing toxins from your system, your kidney plays the vital role of keeping it hydrated. Concentration and volume of blood are maintained by it; besides controlling body temperature, it helps in the process of digestion. You must remember to consume water worth 8 to 10 glasses each day.

  • Eat right:

     The way you eat and the items you choose to eat are some of the key factors that tend to affect all processes that are happening within your body. Kidneys and other organs are likely to bear the consequences  when you consume fast, junk or unhealthy foods. Your diet must comprise of the right foods. Parsley, garlic, cereals, asparagus and fish are the primary food items that affect the health of your kidneys. Performance of your kidneys is also likely to be affected by lemons, oranges, watermelon and other fruits.

  • Drink healthy beverages:

     Kidneys are likely to stay healthy when you drink more fluids like fresh juices. Our body has a nice way of flushing out wastes as it draws water through the digestive system; while we're consuming juices, our digestive system gets a chance to draw more water. The content of caffeine is more in tea and coffee; it lowers the volume of fluids present in our bodies. The presence of caffeine makes it harder for the kidneys to get rid of wastes. You must gain more knowledge on how your kidneys are affected by sugars and soft drinks.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking:

    The various functions performed by our kidneys are influenced by our hormones; this hormonal control and our body's electrolyte balance are disturbed by our excessive alcohol intake. Our kidney function is curbed by smoking although its not directly associated with kidney problems. The health of our heart is adversely affected by alcohol consumption and smoking; such an effect may weaken our kidneys to a large extent.


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