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 Avoiding the doctor is a common thing for both sexes. Prior to seeking medical attention, most of us would choose to wait a little longer. It has been noticed that some 36 percent of men will only visit the doctor when they're extremely sick, while about 30 percent would choose to wait till the initial phase of sickness.


According to latest surveys, about 25% of our population tend to believe that they're healthy and that they don't have any reason to visit a doctor. In comparison with women, men tend to pass away by about 5 years in advance; women tend to use more of preventative health care than men worth similar age.


1. Kidney Stones

 Crystallization of minerals present in our urine form kidney stones, which are commonly seen in men. Your back, groin and abdomen experience extreme pain as a result of these stones. Even as you urinate, you might experience some amount of pain. Kidney stones will find one of the most common causes of formation in dehydration. You may curb your risk by drinking water consistently throughout the day; this will help your urine assume a light yellow color.

 Your risk may even be lessened when you curb the intake of protein, sodium and sugar in your diet besides maintaining a healthy diet. A stone passes out naturally after it gets formed. In order to flush the stone out of your system, you must drink plenty of water; consider drinking water worth 2-3 quarts everyday to flush a newly formed stone out of your system.


2. Enlarged Prostate

 The ability of an individual in emptying the bladder can be affected by enlarged prostate that combines pro-static hypertrophy and prostatic hyperplasia. It might even affect your kidney and urinary tract. The growth of prostate continues in men for an entire lifetime; by the turn of 55, men tend to experience enlarged prostate symptoms. A prostate problem can be identified with urination problems like urge to urinate, straining, weak stream and slow starting.

 A few changes in your lifestyle may curb enlarged prostate like going to the bathroom without waiting much longer, restricting your intake of alcohol or coffee, and restricting your evening beverages; on the other hand, certain surgeries and medications can be suggested for curing this problem. You may even depend on Kegel workouts, stress reduction techniques and regular exercises for controlling them. These steps are also meant to strengthen the pelvic muscles.


3. Sleep Apnea

 Sleep apnea takes place while you're sleeping but your breathing stops repeatedly. Men are more exposed to the risk of sleep apnea than women. Although you may not be fully aware, you may experience sleep interruption while suffering from sleep apnea. This condition is often associated with tireness or loud snoring regardless of whether you had a proper or insufficient sleep. The airway leading to your throat gets temporarily blocked as the muscles residing at the back tend to rest.

 In the event you suspect of experiencing this condition, you must seek medical attention. In the absence of medical care, you may suffer from stroke, high blood pressure and heart problems in the long run.



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