It often becomes tough for you to adopt to a new situation after you get married. With a realistic mind, you'll soon find out how difficult it is to stay with a person that follows different social rules, has different food habits and experiences different lifestyles.

Things are likely to fall in place if you bear it with a bit of love and patience.
It feels great to begin a new life in a new place. Children from your earlier marriage are likely to feel confused if they're compelled to stay within the step family's household. Kids from the other side are also likely to face the challenge of sharing their own space with a new member.

Your best solution lies in finding a new house wherein all of you will have a nice opportunity of knowing each other.
Your spouse might find it tough to adjust with your children; it will pose a tough challenge for her to share her belongings, and lifestyle with them. A blended family has a new set of demands and adjustments; you'll only be able to cope with it when you follow a few good tips.

Practice certain things that protect the common interests of both partners:

Accepting the concept of a blended family often requires a lot of patience and time. Things are bound to fall in place once the members develop a strong bond of trust and love; you'll eventually be a part of a bigger family.