Behavior and emotion of individuals that are emotionally healthy remain within their control. Apart from recovering from setbacks and developing strong relationships, these individuals are capable of handling the challenges of life.

In a similar way to that of your emotional and mental health, maintaining and developing physical health also demands considerable effort. Besides enhancing the overall enjoyment of your life, developing resilience and strengthening your mood, there are a few other aspects of life that are benefited by the improvements of emotional health; more often than not it proves to be a rewarding experience for all. 

Your entire psychological well-being has a lot to do with your emotional or mental health. It involves your ability to deal with challenges and feelings, your relationship quality and the way you feel certain things about yourself.

Lack of mental health challenges doesn't always ensure an improving mental health. Handling psychological issues, anxiety and depression effectively isn't always adequate for staying emotionally and mentally healthy. Certain positive characteristics are associated with emotional and mental health in place of small mental illness; remember that your not feeling good about someone doesn't imply a bad feeling conceived by your mind.

Mentally and emotionally healthy people have the following traits:

 By establishing strong relationships and through performing meaningful and productive activities, you’ll be able to enjoy life as much as possible through emotional and mental health besides other positive characteristics. Stresses and challenges that you face in life can be effectively dealt with the help of these positive characteristics.

How resilience affects emotional and mental health

You may lead a mentally and emotionally healthy life and yet you may have gone through emotional hazards and trying times. Changes, losses and disappointments are facts of life that all of us are likely to experience; these facts would often cause stress, anxiety and sadness, which are considered to be our normal experiences. 

A quality emotional health is the primary factor that enables individuals with a stable emotional health to get past elements of stress, trauma and adversity. Resilience is the name given to such kind of ability. A positive outlook can be easily maintained and challenging situations can be easily coped by psychologically healthy individuals; they have the necessary tools to deal with adverse situations.

Both in good and bad times, these individuals remain creative, flexible and focused. Balancing your emotions and stress effectively enhances your ability to remain resilient. States of negative moods, anxiety and depression may create obstacles in your way; your ability to identify your emotions and share them effectively prevents you from getting stuck. A powerful network that yields support may help you under different scenarios. Under such circumstances, it is natural for you to look for support and encouragement; make sure you’re in the company of people you an trust under all circumstances.