Healthy aging is not associated with risk assessment, although much of the Americans suffer high blood pressure. Afro-Americans are known to suffer more from it since an early age; the disease tends to prove more severe with them. In comparison with the general population, the Afro-Americans are known to possess more risk as their death rate gets higher with diseases concerning kidney and stroke. High blood pressure poses a higher risk for a majority of Americans aged 50 years or more, even when their blood pressure seems normal under usual conditions. Prior to high blood pressure diagnosis, Americans need to follow certain steps to be able to keep their BP at bay.


Prevention worth an ounce

Blood pressure can be controlled effectively once your body weight decreases. You mustn't forget that heart diseases are often the outcomes of diabetes and high cholesterol; both of these diseases are caused by obesity. Your blood pressure can even be lessened when you shed some 10 pounds. A healthy diet needs to be maintained to curb blood pressure risks; this has recently been confirmed by the modern researchers. Blood pressure is affected by the food nutrients; this has been proven under the DASH clinical study. It lays stress upon reducing the consumption of sugared beverages, sweets, red meats and fats besides enhancing consumption of nuts, fish, poultry, whole grains, lowfat dairy foods, vegetables and fruits.

The necessity of restricting sodium intake is demonstrated by the DASH-sodium study. Consumption of sodium worth 2,400 milligrams have been recommended by experts, although the Americans are known to consume much more than this level. Both sodium and salt consumed by way of cooking and eating have been included in this. It is often advised that individuals with high blood pressure should ensure a lower intake. Effects of lowering BP are more when some 1,500 mg of sodium are included in diets followed by individuals in general. 

High blood pressure can be prevented and controlled by following a good step like regular physical activity. Through all days of a week, you may practice gardening, bicycling, brief walking and other activities worth a moderate level for a period of 30 minutes or so. You may choose to classify activities for stints of 10 mins each. You may even opt for more vigorous and regular workouts than your 30-min stints if you wish to enjoy more benefits. Get in touch with your health expert or physician prior to raising your activity levels. Consulting a doctor is essential when you're suffering from specific diseases like cardiac arrest, lung infections etc. Go through your family health history and check out the instances of heart diseases.

Restricting your intake of alcohol is another healthy step forward. Apart from damaging brain, heart, liver and other key organs of your body, alcohol lifts the level of blood pressure. Drinks should be maintained at a bare minimum. 

Above all other things, you ought to quit the habit of smoking; besides toughening of arteries, smoking affects the blood vessels. It just takes a single year for you to lessen the risk of cardiac arrest once you cease smoking.


Gaining Control

High blood pressure affects your internal system without letting you know. You won't really identify the symptoms since they're not quite visible. Visit your physician to know if you're indeed suffering from hypertension. Visits on more than one occasion will help him diagnose your condition.