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The reversing baldness procedure has finally shown a new ray of hope to hair-challenged individuals; Researchers belonging to the University of Pennsylvania have moved in the direction of curing hair thinning with the help of stem cells; they have started experimenting things in mice.

Hair loss can be reversed effectively when you opt for the potential way of utilizing stem cells for regenerating hair follicles that are either dying or missing. Stem cells that can generate hair follicles in adequate amounts have been developed of late; amongst these, the epithelium cells need special mention.

The latest findings have now indicated that this is quite possible:

According to a latest news release the hair follicles possess an epithelial component, which can be generated with the help of epithelial stem cells. This is probably the first time that someone has succeeded in producing these cells in scalable amounts. Hair regeneration, cosmetics and wound healing have been effectively performed by potential applications present in these cells.

A group of mice were injected with a mixture of epithelial stem cells with other cells. According to the studies, they created the external skin cell layers that share a close resemblance with human hair follicles. As per the researchers, individuals might get their hairs regenerated with the help of these cells.

Although the epithelial stem cells derived in this way are an achievement, it doesn't guarantee the success of a baldness treatment. dermal papillae is another kind of adult stem cell which shares space with epithelial cells within a hair follicle.

Cells worth both types are lost whenever a person sheds hair; the hair follicle has an epithelial component, which is a major problem that has been solved. Although none of the researchers have succeeded yet, it is really necessary to find a new way of generating fresh dermal papillae cells. Experts have even disclosed facts on how studies involving animals tend to go wrong when they are tested on us humans.

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