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 There are a few good positions within the human body that needs to be checked from time to time.


Checking your eyes is a necessity, and you must do for once every year. Apart from healing refractive problems and macular degeneration, risks of Glaucoma and various other problems that cause blindness are also curbed as a result of timely eye checkups. Your eyes need to be protected and tested to ensure a great vision and a quality life. 


 Hearing ability

The quality of life that you’re leading might be affected by the slightest hearing disruption and seem irritating at times. A temporary or permanent hearing loss may be caused by a consistent use of earphones or while listening to music for long hours. In case you meet with a hearing problem, you must go for your ear checkup immediately; it will surely help prevent any kind of communication disruption.


Blood pressure 

A period of 6 months is what you ought to spend between two consecutive blood pressure tests. The range of your blood pressure should lie between 120 to 139 and 80 to 89 Hg. Medical counseling is a must when your blood pressure doesn't lie within a healthy range. A more frequent monitoring of your blood pressure is suggested when you meet with other health problems like heart ailments, high cholesterol or diabetes.



Prior to going for a shower, you may consider pursuing this test. Rashes or moles are a few unusual things that compel you to check your skin on a regular basis. You may consider visiting a dermatologist or your GP for further tests in the event you experience something unusual.



For the masses, the health issues concerning high cholesterol seem a common thing; high cholesterol is often the outcome of eating habits that are unhealthy or erratic. A number of complications associated with heart or health would arise out of high cholesterol. A cholesterol checkup is a must for those that take unhealthy food items on a regular basis.

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