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Veterans and military service members had pledged to protect our nation; their pledge is honored by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A few dedicated support program have been developed for individuals that provide world class services towards the safety and security of our nation. Our government had introduced ECHS (Ex Service Men Contributory Health Scheme)with the purpose of funding a medical scheme publicly; the scheme even includes dependents of pensioneers and ex-servicemen that are eligible.The services that come under this scheme will be provided through outpatient clinics.

What are the benefits of this scheme?

Former servicemen will be able to avail cashless medical coverage through this scheme along with their dependants. Clinics that offer such coveratge may be associated with empanelled hospitals, military hospitals and established polyclinic.

When does this coverage commence?

The application form needs to be submitted and the receipt needs to be produced prior to the commencement of the medical cover. Till the time a smart card is received by Ex-servicemen, this receipt of application form can be used. If membership haven't been obtained by individuals that retired prior to April 2003,the record offices dealing with their respective information will verify and scrutinize their service records or particulars. Only when the record office sends the authenticated record of an individual, his temporary card receipt will be provided. Upon completion of all formalities, it might require an individual to wait for a period of 2 to 3 months. 

How to enrol the wives of ex-servicemen in this scheme

An ex-serviceman has to visit the nearby clinic with a DD of 135 INR, affidavit, 2 photographs and a copy of MRO/PPO. No income limit is required by the spouse of an individual; the spouse will acquire membership regardless of any income criteria.The dependent family members of the ex-service personel will be covered under ECHS.


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