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Eczema is commonly known as atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis. Children are mainly known to suffer from atopic eczema; eczema might affect you at a later stage in life. The word eczema originates from Greek term ekzein that indicates boiling out; 'boiling' is meant by Greek term 'zema', while the term 'ek' indicates “out”.

  • 1. A steroid needs to be prescribed by a child physician.

    A quality steroid ointment needs to be applied when the hydro-cortisone cream found over-the-counter remains ineffective. A prescription is a must for products of this nature. This ointment needs to be applied after you've taken a bath, but prior to applying a moisturizer.

    Oral steroids are also prescribed by doctors under severe conditions. Young kids are not supposed to take oral steroids; they usually don't need steroids. Topical treatment is initially tried on all patients; a few older children may experience a damaged skin and require oral steroids.

  • 2. Try a non-steroid prescription cream.

    Any topical immunomodulator or calcineurin may be prescribed by a doctor. The response of your imune system towards these immuno-suppressive drugs is lowered. Children below two years of age are never prescribed with such treatments. These treatments are specifically adopted under circumstances when other treatments don't seem so effective.
    Prototopic and Elidel are two topical immunomodulators that are used in treating eczema; these two forms of treatment are approved by the FDA. Extensive use of these products might enhance the risk of cancers; that's the reason, why you ought to exercise caution while using these products.

  • 3. Consult your doctor regarding Cyclosporine.

    You'll find a powerful suppressant of oral immunity in the form of Cyclosporine; for instances when the topical treatment doesn't seem effective, the eczema patients are advised to use this treatment. Children would rarely experience such treatments; even in adults, this treatment is used as a lender of last resort. The doctors are only likely to consider it when the symptoms are really bad with your child.

  • 4. If the area gets infected, ask the doctor for an antibiotic.

    An antibiotic is required if a particular area gets infected. It's often not possible for a child to stop scratching, but you must remember that continuous scratching might cause cuts in the affected area. Infections are often caused due to such cuts. An appropriate antibiotic can only be prescribed when you get in touch with a child physician regarding the sufferings of your child.

  • 5. Consult with the doctor about phototherapy treatment.

    Phototherapy treatments need consultation with the doctor. Your child's skin is directly exposed to ultraviolet light in phototherapy. In the event you're suffering from severe eczema, you'll be relieved of sufferings through these treatments. This treatment is likely to be committed under the guidance of a dermatological supervision.

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