There's some fun element associated with the holiday season; the skin concerns may seem a bit frustrating. Quality fixes and triggers can be availed through professionals in the even you meet with challenges posed by a few complexion issues. A generalized view of any licensed beautician will show you through your skin concerns that need to be addressed at least once a week.

Looking at the mirror might show you through your skin problems:

Stress caused due to skin rashes

The varying levels of stress may react with your sensitive skin. You're highly likely to suffer from rashes once your holiday turn stressful. Stress yields that occasional breakout, and its not really surprising when you find some rashes. An itchy rash is also likely to be caused due to enhanced stress levels; such rashes may surface in the form of shingles, hives, spots and bumps. Our immune system is often affected by stress elements in an adverse way.

The fix:

You may be dealing with a number of things; this varies from stress at parties prior to dinner to a disturbing mother-in-law. Make sure you find enough time to relax, especially whenever you're alone. Attending a yoga class, trying a nap, closing your eyes and taking deep breathes are the right means of calming yourself once you identify the rising stress levels.

Puffy and dehydrated skin as an outcome of overeating, salt and alcohol

Dry air and dust touches your skin during the winter season. Due to the seasonal weather changes, your skin loses moisture quite easily. With this problem, you may consider a number of other triggers like overeating, salty foods and consumption of alcohol; apart from an absence of radiance, your eyes are likely to experience some puffiness.

Your fix:

The solution comes through more moisture. The holidays are about adding a bit of extra hydration.Underneath the layer of night cream, you may apply any hydrated serum or may use a thing that has heavier texture. In order to maintain a good health against salty foods and booze, you'll need to consume plenty of water.

Allergic reactions from testing many new products

Your skin might be irritated whenever you try using a net set of products; you'll find a good excuse of enjoying your holidays at last. Trying out so many products at once might seem an adventurous idea during the holidays; at the same time, you mustn't forget the allergic reactions that your skin is likely to suffer from.

Your fix:

You must try a product prior to using it. Apply it on your arm initially; make sure you don't use all products together. By trying them separately, you'll be able to identify products that are good towards your skin yield positive results on your body.

Bumps caused by hairspray around the hairline

It is natural for you to try and maintain tresses in the right places. Hairspray is there amongst all products that don't seem friendly towards your complexion; they might even inflict a few unwanted bumps. Hairspray is often needed in a majority of fancy events that you need to attend. You'll soon realize how breakouts are caused by spray, sweat and hair in a combination.

Your fix:

Spray with your face covered by a towel; alternatively you may spray within your palms and apply it to your hair. This is the right process of freeing your skin from these products. This also eliminates the opportunities of breakouts prior to the parties.

Dry lips

During the cold weather and holidays, dry lip seems to be very common. It is during the night that you ought to ex-foliate your lips; otherwise, it's natural for you to break out your lip glosses and lipsticks. Our lips need nutrition; some of the lipsticks don't possess that amount of nutrition. Your lips might show some flaky skin that reflects the absence of moisture; as a result of this, your intake of water needs to be enhanced.

Your fix:

Following a shower, apply a towel on your lips to get rid of any dull skin remaining on it. This is likely to be a fast method of ex-foliation. Conditioned lip balms are supposed to be applied underneath and above the lip color; in order to smoothen your lips and to add more moisture, you'll need to try this throughout the day.