It is possible for you to keep the mind of your loved one sharp while he is in assisted living. In seniors, the brain function is enhanced and maintained by following a number of simple ways.

You might ask your loved ones to follow a few quality tips and incorporate them within their daily routine:

1. Exercise – A few of the aging effects can be prevented when you're staying in excellent physical shape.

2. Eat foods that are healthy for the brain - The mind of a senior can be sharpened by feeding him with veggies and fruits that possess sufficient antioxidants.Your brain is also protected by foods that contain fats like seeds, nuts and fish.

3. Use supplements that boost brain - In order to preserve the memory of a senior and sharpen his brain,certain natural ingredients may be used in combination with specific vitamins.

4. Do puzzles - Encourage seniors to solve puzzles that seem challenging; this tends to keep their brains active. You may ask they to spend time over jigsaw, crossroads or sudoku puzzles.

5. Avoid smoking – Functions of our brain are restricted when its oxygen content is reduced while smoking.

6. Avoid junk food – In a close resemblance with smoking, oxygen present in the brain can be restricted by junk food. Your brain never turn fully functional once you start smoking.

7. Sleep more – Functions of your brain can be enhanced upon obtaining eight hours of sleep each night. The daylight hours need the seniors to remain more focused; sleeping helps them stay focused.

8. Educate yourself - Remain more engaged and active when they continue educating themselves even after they retire.

9. Stay social – In order to keep their brains active and stay physically active, seniors ought to maintain and develop relationships.

10. Keep a journal – Maintain a journal - A journal needs to be maintained regularly to keep the memories of seniors fresh and their mind sharp.