Every woman wants her breasts to gain fullness in their shape and size; a surgical procedure that we offer is breast augmentation or augmentation mammo-plasty. Below the breast tissue or chest muscles lie the composite breast implants, saline or silicone as placed by our expert surgeon.

The primary objective of our breast augmentation procedure is:

Enhancing breasts that are small naturally.

Following breastfeeding, loss of weight and pregnancy, so that the shape and size of breasts need to be restored.
For asymmetrical breasts, the symmetry is restored. Surgeries performed to restore breasts are aimed at correcting the shape and size of breasts or treating several conditions like breast cancer.
Self-esteem earns a booster through breast enlargement; undergoing breast enhancement procedures, women tend to experience feelings that are good towards their sexuality and gain much in terms of self-esteem. Health care experts have identified certain psychological benefits experienced by women following such treatments, although we don't associate them with feelings of dignity or physical attraction.

HCG diets to curb obesity

HCG diets suggested by experts possess much lower calories within a per-determined weight-loss protocol. HCG treatments that are offered through injection or orally are meant to accompany HCG diets. Loss of weight worth up to 3 pounds a day is likely to be experienced by an Hcg diet follower. The bond of a dieter with his eating and foods is modified effectively by this Hcg protocol; this is the primary benefit of this protocol besides losing unwanted storage of fat.

How does it result in rapid weight loss?

Obesity is certainly a serious health condition; that's one reason why our experts suggest Hcg treatments. A licensed practitioner or physician will monitor and administer these treatments. Pregnant females are likely to produce this Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in good amounts; this hormone is found in both sexes. The metabolic functions within the body of a woman are fully controlled by this substance during pregnancy. It brings about an effective release of stored fat worth thousands of calories; a  very low calorie diet is absolutely necessary for obstructing more fat from entering the fat cells.

Lipo shots

A lipotropic injection is applied within the muscles; the specific areas within the body wherein its applied involve the fatty tissue and the muscle below the skin. Both the energy levels and metabolism are boosted to inflict an overall weight loss for which these injections are designed.


Lipo shots are given to yield numerous benefits besides inflicting loss of weight. Liver function is enhanced by formulating Lipotropics. The major form of glucose known as glycogen is stored, metabolism is enhanced, body is detoxified and liver function is enhanced by formulating these lipo shots. Stimulation of the antibody growth helps our immune system to improve through lipo shots. Tissues that are abnormal or foreign are destroyed and detected as a result of this process. Besides lowering cholesterol, your appetite is also suppressed when these lipo shots are applied. Apart from enhancing your entire health, vitality and mood, your energy levels are even boosted by these lipo shots.